About Us.

Our company was built on two wheels and a cup of coffee.


This name encompasses our simple mission, to uplift locals to become skilled professionals providing great products. eYami Café offers a variety of training and employment packages whereby YOU can become your own boss. Contact us for more information, let’s build a relationship.

Contact us for more information, let’s build a relationship.

We love our coffee.

Half the day we spend wondering if it’s too late for another coffee and the other half we spend regretting the umpteenth cup! eYami Café emanated from our constant pursuit of the perfect daily brew, something that many South Africans do and often don’t get quite right.

One coffee. One culture.

We’re all price and quality conscious, right? Well eYami Café certainly is. Our quaint Cafés deliver a well priced coffee with the same quality as that favourite little Sandton hotspot of yours. We’re with you guys on this one; no kak, just good baristas serving good coffee.

Kitchen design

As our business has evolved, we have expanded our repertoire of café models


The full shebang café

This includes a curated seating area with the possibility of comfortable couches and reading areas to suit your needs, as well as a service hatch for added convenience.


The express café

Grab-and-go service hatch. No Seats, keep all the treats. This model caters for spaces with limited to no seating area. 


The mobile trailer café

If you have no space for us in your venue but perhaps a small corner outside, let us help embellish your spot with one of our boutique trailers.

We are proudly South African, with a passion for the exotic

Our Suppliers

eYami Café is committed to delivering quality products which are all sourced from reputable suppliers. Food and other goods are delivered frequently to ensure hygiene and freshness. Whatever items are not stored on the premises will be stored in our own cook-chill facility offsite. The promotion of healthy and safe consumption of our products is part of the strict requirements of each eYami Café establishment.

Our trading history

We began trading as mobile coffee trailer and served coffee at festivals including but not limited to the annual Fast FestTM Dalmus Racing event, the Bedfordview Christmas market, Jozi Real Food Market in Greenside and many more. Currently we also service Benoni High School with one of our Full Shebangs.

Our Testimonials

In March 2019, BHS entered into an agreement with eYami Café to implement an elevated food and beverage offering for our stakeholders by creating a physical service hatch (tuckshop) and café seating area at the Pavilion. eYami Café has provided a consistent and unique food offering at this store which caters for staff to come in and use their facilities for meetings and work purposes.

In addition, eYami caters fully for BHS sports days which often see many thousands of people in attendance. eYami is competent and capable in fulfilling all the needs that BHS has asked, having built a reliable relationship, one which we hope will last for many years to come. eYami Café has gone over and above the port of call in many circumstances and it is for these reasons we would testify to their reputation.

Tersia Bekker

Deputy principle, Benoni High school